5 Business Card Design Essentials

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5 Business Card Design Essentials

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Dedicated Local Business Phone Number

There is no good reason in the world why you shouldn’t have a dedicated phone number for your business. If you’ve ever called a business and they answered the phone like they were sleeping, you know how bad of an impression that gives. The phone number you give to people to call you for business, should be for your business in every-way. You should answer the phone like a business and your voicemail should have a business greeting also. Lastly, but just as important is a local phone number. 64% of people feel uncomfortable when they are calling a “local” business but they don’t have a local phone number.

Your Website

Lets be honest, its 2016 if you don’t have a website you’re in the minority, especially among business. Don’t loose business because you are not current with the times. 85% of consumers use the internet to find what they are looking for. Can you afford to lose 85% of potential customers?

A Professional Email Address

Having an email address that doesn’t match your company name in some way, is a negative for how easy and affordable they are to obtain. If you have a website, you have several, if not unlimited accounts to set up your email address’s. Don’t be lazy because its hard, take a few minutes and make an email address that is professional and has your company name in some fashion. DO NOT use your personal email address to put on a business card. The last thing you want to happen is, have a customer who really does their due diligence Google your email address and find something personal about you they don’t like. Keep it professional.

What You Do

You would think this goes without saying, but it doesn’t. Hopefully your company name says what you do,  if not you must highlight what you offer on your business card. If someone isn’t 100% certain of what you do, they most likely aren’t going to contact you just to find out. We typically add a list or bullet points of the main things you offer, and place them along the back. Be methodical in what you say.

Logo, Layout and Colors

Considering your business card is the first impression most people get about your business, make sure its the right one. If your business card is missing a company logo, name, current contact info, or an overall professional layout that may stick with them forever. Don’t use fonts that are hard for certain people to read. Don’t use poor quality pictures. Don’t put irrelevant information on there, so the important stuff suffers. A nicely printed and designed business card can do a lot of good, while a poor one can do a lot of harm.

There are always exceptions to the rule, but in most cases any business card without these things is fundamentally flawed from the start. A lot of people think “its only a business card”, but that is the wrong way to think. We have hours and hours of experience designing business cards. The fonts we use, the colors, the spacing, the backgrounds, and everything is done for a reason. We don’t know all the right things to do, but we definitely know all the things not to do. You can have professionally designed and printed business card from us for 4¢ each. Contact us now.

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