Car Wraps

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Car Wraps

Car wraps are just one of the many things we can do for you. All prices are calculated by the square feet of vinyl we use. We can design, print and install your car wrap.

Car Wraps

We can design, print and install all styles of car wraps. We work with customers of all sizes and industries so we have a lot of knowledge and experience on what gets the best results. We put a lot of focus on letter sizes, spacing and colors to make sure your car wrap catches people’s attention. We don’t feel you should spend your hard earned money for something that isn’t going to make your phone ring. In many cases full car wraps aren’t needed to achieve the same result you may be striving to get. We will discuss with you what you want to accomplish, and combine that with the vehicle you have and your industry to recommend the best choice in our professional opinion.

Design is typically the most time consuming part of the entire process. When we start a design we need to know exactly what you want. If you have specific colors, fonts and logos you want to use we need to gather them from you. All logos and pictures need to be vector or high resolution files. The more complex of a design, the longer it will take to design and setup. If you are looking for a full color change wrap then of course there is no design needed and we can schedule you for immediate install.

Installs range from 24-72 hours for full car wraps or just a few hours for partial wraps. It really varies depending on complexity of job. Before we schedule you for installation we will discuss with you the time frame and make sure it fits your schedule.

Getting an accurate price for your car wrap takes about 5-10 minutes. All pricing breaks down by the square feet, so giving a “rough estimate” isn’t always feasible without measurements. There is no common cost or typical price. We either need you to bring your vehicle by or in some cases we can provide an accurate estimate by having the year, make, model and a photo of all sides. What you decide to put on your wrap won’t impact the cost, just the total square feet of vinyl coverage. One way or another we need to know the exact amount of vinyl needed to wrap your vehicle.

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