Vehicle Magnets

Custom vehicle magnets

Vehicle Magnets

We offer vehicle magnet turnaround in 48 hours or less. Any size, any colors, any design for only $12 per square foot. Thick 30 mil magnetic with lamination is standard.

Vehicle Magnets

We can do any size magnet you need and print just about any graphics you want on them. Magnetic signage will not ruin your vehicle or any other metal surface you stick them to. You will want to make sure your vehicle is in fact metal before purchasing any magnet since a lot of vehicles today are not actually metal.

All our vehicle magnets are priced by the size of the magnet.  What you put on the magnet makes no difference on the price. We have some common sizes and prices available on the bottom of this page. We charge $12 per square foot for our vehicle magnets.

When comparing our cost be sure to consider our quality. It takes 3 standard magnets from Vista Print to match the thickness of a single magnet from us. We round the corners of every vehicle magnet for appearance and to make sure it sticks best as possible. We laminate every magnet with outdoor lamination so your print will not fade, scratch, or lose quality in any way.

We encourage every customer that purchases vehicle magnets to clean them weekly and before applying them. If magnets are not in use its highly recomended to store on a flat metal surface. The smallest rock, dirt or foreign object could cause the magnet to lift or lose its form. Magnets should not be installed over cracks, old vinyl or contours of the vehicle.

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