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Q? Where exactly are you located?

A. Our Westminster location is directly on the SE corner of 120th and Huron next to Dairy Queen @ 726 W. 120th Ave, Westminster, CO 80234.


Our Longmont location is directly on Main & 3rd next to Main Street Mat @ 249 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501.


Q? Do I need to come in to bring you my files or get my order started?

A. No, absolutely not. We would prefer you email over your files, needs and questions. You can email them directly to contact@paramountprinting.com


Q? Can you print on a material that I bring in?

A. No, we won’t print on customer supplied material


Q? Are you open on weekends?

A. No, we are not.  Westminster is open M-F 9 to 6, Longmont is open M-F 9 to 5.


Q? How many colors can I have on my prints?

A. You can have any amount of colors you want on almost all products. NCR forms and yard signs are the only products where colors matter.



Q? Do you offer shirts, hats or any clothing?

A. No


Q? What size can you make________?

A. In almost all cases we can make everything any size you want. Determine your size needs and we can accommodate them. Typically by measuring the space you have available, that will tell you what size you need .


Q? What if something is misspelled or printed wrong?

A. Unfortunately you are given every opportunity to confirm, change and approve your order. Once proof is approved you are responsible for paying full balance. If we print something different then what you approved we 100% take care of it. We suggest you thoroughly read the proof and don’t assume anything. We are human just like you. Check your contact info and all text, not just the orientation. The proof we send to every customers is below.



Q? Do you offer rush printing?

A. We offer a 3 business day turnaround on business cards for an additional $25 per quantity. All other print products are up to 7 business day turnaround maximum. Vinyl, signs, banners, magnets and posters are standard with 48 hour worst case turnaround.


Q? What does die cut, square cut and contour cut mean?

A. Die cut means that the finished product will be cut down to the exact shape of the text or image. Essentially its like a cookie cutter. There will be no background around the image on the inside or outside.

Square cut means that your image will be printed exactly as it shows, but finished by being cut into a square, circle or other solid shape so its one decal.

Contour cut or kiss cut means that its in-between die cut and square cut. Contour cuts are usually done when the images is very small, thin or has a lot of detail. The image will be printed and cut with a border around the text or the image to give a little cushion.




Q? What is CMYK?

A. CMYK are the four colors used to make up every color during print and design. This is how we print everything. All colors are made up of 4 colors (CMYK). Certain percentages of each color make the colors you see and that’s where the coding comes into play. Most monitors, phones and tables are RGB colors, so when you look at proofs the color will typically appear more bright than they will actually print. C = Cyan, M = Magenta,Y = Yellow, K = Black.


Q? What is your turnaround time?

A. It varies by product but a general break down is below. All turnaround starts after proof approval.

Banners 48 hours.

Vehicle Magnets 48 hours.

Stickers and Decals 48 hours.

Vehicle lettering and graphics 48 hours.

Wraps 48-72 hours.

All print products (business cards, invoices, brochures) Up to 7 business days.


Q? Do you offer sign and banner installation?

A. If we sell it, we will install it. The cost will vary depending on size, height, location, and type of sign. Some signage will require landlord and/or city approval and permitting.


Q? Can you put a picture on my sign or banner?

A. Most the times yes. If the image is a good quality it will be no problem, otherwise it could print fuzzy, but we will determine that before we print anything.


Q? Can I use my banner outside?

A. The banners we offer are good for indoor, or outdoor usage. We offer some special finishing options depending on how you will display it, so let us know your plans prior to ordering.


Q? Why are your banners less expensive than the other guys?

A. We believe firmly in building our business off repeat customers. If we treat you right, you will come back and refer customers to us. We offer a wholesale rate to all customers, and the quality we provide is the best in the industry.


Q? Do you have a minimum quantity?

A. All printing products have a minimum quantities that vary upon product.  Every other product we offer has no minimum. Of course in a lot of cases you get lower pricing for larger orders. We will print you 1 sticker if you like.


Q? What kind of paper do you offer?

A. We offer a large selection of paper to print on that varies by product. Below is our most common paper/stock used for the 6 most popular products, but other options are available by request.

Business cards – 14pt card-stock with uv coating or matte finish

Door hangers – 14pt card-stock with uv coating or matte finish

Post-cards – 14pt card-stock with uv coating or matte finish

Rack cards  – 14pt card-stock with uv coating or matte finish

Brochures – 100lb Gloss book with aqueous coating and 80lb Gloss book with aqueous coating

Flyers –  100lb Gloss book with aqueous coating and 80lb Gloss book with aqueous coating


Q? What is A Vector File?

A. To make it simple a vector file is the original file type your logo should have been created in originally. When a logo is designed from scratch vector is how it’s done and it’s essentially done point by point. It is typically a file you can’t open without professional software, but can be a PDF file as well. It allows your logo to never lose quality, regardless of the size its scaled to, or if it needs to be edited.


Q? What types of files do you accept?

A. We accept any and all file types that are high resolution, but vector files are always preferred and best. We DON’T accept word doc or any other word processing file types for print because they are fry low resolution. If you have multiple files and are not sure which one is best we suggest you bring or them all to us so we can find it.


Q? What does full bleed mean?

AFull bleed can be confusing to many people, but its very simple. It means the background of a print product, goes all the way to the edge of the print and there is no border.


Q? What is UV coating?

A. UV coating is a shiny gloss finish applied to the print products after they are printed to give it a high gloss look and protective laminate. We offer this standard on most print products.


Q? What is 14pt card-stock?

A. A thick paper that is similar to a baseball card in thickness. It provides a professional, durable appearance that we use for all business cards, post-cards, and many other print products. We highly suggest you stop by our office and physically feel the difference if you aren’t familiar.


Q? Will the graphics mess up my paint?

A. Absolutely not. The vinyl we use is manufactured intentionally for vehicle graphics and is 100% safe, as long as it is a factory paint job.


Q? Can you put a picture I have on my car?

A. If you have a good quality picture we can most definitely print it and install on your car. It really depends on the quality of the picture.


Q? How long will my graphics last?

A. This question varies by product. There are many different grades of vinyl and life span will range depending on vinyl type.  Wraps could last you up to 10 years, if you take care of your wrap properly as mentioned in the vinyl care sheet we provide. All of our vinyl is high performance which means you should receive a long life span. Ask when you get vinyl and we will let you know for that particular job.


Q? Do you offer see through window graphics?

A. We do offer what is called “Window perforation”. Perforation is a great tool when you don’t want to block vision, but want to advertise. It is 100% transparent from the inside looking out, but full color from the outside looking in. Perforation does not last near as long as vinyl and is slightly more expensive.


Q? Can I order a single vinyl sticker?

A. Yes you can! We are one of the only companies around that will let you order 1 vinyl decal and not charge some crazy fee. Depending on if its printed, cut and/or laminated will dictate the turnaround. In most a cases a single sticker will be ready in 24 hours.


Q? How much does a window decal cost?

ALike all vinyl, window decal pricing varies by the square foot, color, and quantity. Anything that is 1ft x 1ft or smaller will cost you $10 for a single one, and price would go down from there depending on quantity. To get an accurate cost you need to know how big you want it.


Q? How long does a vinyl car wrap take to be completed?

A. The installation of a full vinyl car wrap can vary depending on the graphic layout, the size of the vehicle, and the complexity of the vehicle. In most cases a wrap will range anywhere from 8-24 hours. The design process is usually the most time consuming and varies depending on many factors. We will confirm this time with you prior to installation.


Q? How much does a wrap cost?

A. All pricing breaks down by the sq ft, so having accurate dimensions are crucial to getting an accurate estimate. A lot of people misuse the word “wrap” and don’t actually mean a wrap, they mean a decal or some placed graphics.  The easiest and most accurate way to receive an estimate is to measure the area you want wrapped as a box and send over dimensions or stop in our office for a 5 minute measurement. If you are positive you want a full wrap, contact us and send the make, model and year of your vehicle and we can send you a price. There is no average or normal cost because every need and vehicle vary.


Q? Can I get vinyl lettering on a single truck?

A. Absolutely! Majority of our business is customers who own and operate a small business and want to add to their advertising and get their name out there a little more. We can take care of your needs, whether its 1 truck or an entire fleet of vehicles.


Q? Do you have print templates for design?

A. Yes. We have templates for every product, just contact us and we will provide. All print products need to be setup to our specifications not another companies.


Q? Can you tell me every product you offer?

A. Well I can give it a shot..

  • signs
  • banners
  • wraps
  • decals and stickers
  • labels
  • envelopes
  • folders
  • note pads
  • business cards
  • brochures
  • flyers
  • post cards
  • yard signs
  • acrylic signs
  • rack cards
  • window clings
  • oil change stickers
  • vinyl lettering
  • window lettering
  • window perforation
  • boat wraps
  • retractable banners and flags
  • hard hat stickers
  • door hangers
  • tent cards
  • posters
  • hang tags
  • ncr forms
  • carbon copy sheets
  • vinyl removal
  • dot and vin numbers
  • fleet graphics
  • truck lettering
  • window decals
  • van graphics
  • punch cards
  • metal signs
  • helmet decals
  • car magnets
  • fridge magnets
  • bumper stickers
  • labels
  • routed channel letters
  • back lit signs
  • real estate signs
  • a frame / side walk signs
  • parking signs
  • table cloths
  • logo design
  • collector cards
  • letterhead
  • and probably a few we missed…




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